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IMG_1428-marker 4 blogIMG_2117-Broken AngelA “Marker” is usually placed in or around an intersection or side of the road where a CRASH has occurred and someone (or more) have tragically died most often due to the negligence of another in a vehicle related collision.

The Marker is a place to display flowers, ornaments, angels, crosses or any type of an item that is left as a token of ones love and honor for the life that was taken. This Marker is usually cared for by family, friends and even the great community that would like to honor and support not only the victim of the collision but the family as well.

Our family has a marker in Memory of my husband Mark whose life was taken at the hands of a red light runner. Our daughter Madisyn Grace was born just two weeks after this senseless and preventable crash. She will never (physically)know her daddy.

Madisyn has taken great pride in helping to keep this roadside marker full of flowers, angels and crosses. To her this is a place where she can memorialize the father that she has not been privy to know. She is proud of the Angel and Cross she has chosen to represent her father.

Today (August 5, 2013)I went out to take flowers to our “MARKER” for our Mark. It is National STOP on RED WEEK ( and what a great way to educate the public on the value of Stopping on Red, yet always a somber reminder that Mark is not in our lives and will never come home again. As I am walking up to the Marker always with a feeling of “I still can’t believe I have to take flowers to a memorial Marker…still disbelief that life changed so suddenly without a moments notice.” But always thankful that I can buy some beautiful flowers to place next to Marks Marker and a place where I can say a silent prayer of gratitude for his life, his love, our Madiysn and to ask for guidance and the strength to keep advocating for Highway Safety- because it is just that important!
Today as I am walking up to the Marker this is what I found? A shattered cross, a shattered Angel…..who does that? This was not weather related ….this is disrespectful and gross. Madisyn is ALWAYS with me on a visit. Thank GOD she was not today….but she will find out when she comes home. To whoever did this….you destroyed my little girls angel and cross that she put down there to “protect” her fathers marker. A little girl that knows no other way because a Red Light Runner made the decision to end her fathers life just two weeks before she was born. The other Angel was a beautiful gift from friends of ours that simply wanted to share their love and let us know they share in our grief.

Just because this marker is on public property gives not one person the right to destroy another’s personal item. It is a place to honor not to demolish. Mother Teresa said it all “We are all capable of good and evil. We are not born bad: everybody has something good inside. Some hide it, some neglect it, but it is there.”  One may be agitated with life in general or maybe it is a personal vendetta due to a different belief system. Whatever it is that causes this behavior take a moment and find the good in oneself. Neglect the ugly. It will get you much farther in life and you just might  find peace not vengeance.

The next time you come across a roadside marker say a prayer of peace, strength and love for not only the victim but the persons family members to have the strength to carry on without their loved one. Please remember that someone lost their life in order for that marker to be there in the first place.
I am in gratitude always for life and love.

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