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Move through your Moments  2

Things happen when we live our lives in motion; social, emotional and physical.
As quickly as we can get stuck” we can “move.” When we move we are going forward – always reaching, loving and giving.

Take the challenge today and move. Tragedy displaces us at times and it is hard to move – but just try it. The day Mark died I promised myself I would get up and shower every day of my life so that I could move. I didn’t have to run a marathon, get a new job, fret about this newfound life- but just take a shower; simplicity at its best.

Life can be forgiving if YOU allow yourself to move through your moments.

There will always be mountains to climb, tears to wipe away and tragedies that will shake us to our core. If we embrace those moments, accept them and move through them the infinite possibilities of love will surround you in ways you may not have expected. When this happens healing takes place and
what will follow is a new flow of life, a new way to breathe; love and honor all that has made you what you have become.

What is tragic to one may not be to another. What is difficult for one to conquer may not be an issue for someone else. Your moment could be due to weight gain, divorce, a move, loss of a friendship, self-loathing or living in fear it does not always have to be the death of a loved one.

8 and ½ years later my loss emotionally moves me…it is my first thought when I awake in the morning but my promise of physically “moving”; getting in that shower and renewing my soul remains with me today and has yet to fail me.

Today is a new day and each day we are here we are given the opportunity to not just survive in life but to thrive.
Move with me today, be in motion- love, scream, dance- enjoy…this moment is yours to experience, embrace and move through.
Believe, trust and have faith that your soul will carry you through your most challenging moments if you just move!