WOW! Here I go again! My week is going along great! Getting things accomplished, new ideas are coming to fruition, I can make it to all of my daughter’s events, I am even finally having breakfast with my parents, I can not even tell you the last time that happened! BAM! Tallahassee Calls my name! Just like that!

The Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act is up for Repeal! My mind starts racing! When is the hearing, what time, can I make the 5 hour drive up and back on Wednesday? I have 2 meetings that day that I need to reschedule. What am I going to do with my daughter? I need to start a CALL TO ACTION! SO many things to do I have a day and a half to prepare for my long day away from my already busy week plus prepare emotionally for what I am about to encounter!

My friends asked me today how do you do it? One of my friends asked me that this morning pre-Tallahassee phone call “How do you make it all work.” Another friend asked me post-Tallahassee phone call “How do you do it all without going crazy!!

They both are asking how do you manage?

Your mindset can totally determine how you react to any situation on any given day. A healthy attitude creates a healthy mind. We have to keep our body, soul and mind connected. I know, I know…it is easier said than done! It takes practice! Trust me!

You have to teach yourself how to take a moment to take a deep breath and assess the situation. This will give you time to be proactive versus reactive to any given situation. If you REACT most times you will ATTACK! Your point does not come across well, one becomes so stressed that nothing gets accomplished and no one wins?

You have to stay grounded. A healthy mind makes for a very healthy spirit! The most challenging of situations can be dealt with if you choose to accept your challenge instead of being hostile towards it.

Find your “breathing space.” Is it meditation? Is it finding your own mantra to move you through these moments? Here is one of my favorites that I recite quite often:
“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change the courage to change the things I can and the Wisdom to know the difference.”

Having a mental plan when the world closes in a little too tightly will save your emotions from running wild! Whatever your plan is practice! You can make a difference in your life by how you react! Remember we always want to keep our body, soul and mind connected so that we are “clear” to make the best decisions when life simply “happens.”

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