“Post” Eggs & Chardonnay  2

Post Eggs and Chardonnay!
Post Eggs and Chardonnay

A newfound circle of friends, pinky promises, eggs and chardonnay all taking place on a Saturday afternoon. We were celebrating my new friend Karen’s birthday! Bright, brilliant and bold she would bring 9 of us together for many “toasts” and belly laughing moments. A few of us were meeting one another for the very first time. Karen took the time to let each of us know about the other. She has circled herself with amazing, giving and motivating women such as herself.

I felt so content and as if I had known these women for ever. As I looked around the table and listened to each one they are each successful, accepting and beautiful in their own extraordinary way. Their lives, their stories and where they are in life did not seem to matter at that table. There was no greed, attitude or arrogance…only generosity, grace and acceptance!

From the moment I was invited to that luncheon I knew in my soul I would be there. There was no “normal” hesitation. Usually my “plate” would be so “full” that I would not allow myself such an opportunity. What a pity it would have been if I had missed out on a saturday of being with 8 amazing women, chardonnay “toasts” and the best tasting eggs! ( You were right Karen! Eggs and Chardonnay really do go together! )

I believe in my heart that I can speak for everyone at that table; what a celebration, what a feeling, what a great day! Together as we sat at the table we  crossed our arms and “pinky” promised to get together next year to celebrate our friend Karen and her next “big” day!

Whether I see these ladies tomorrow, next month or next year doesn’t really matter in my heart. The feeling of great joy, comfort and comradery that I experienced on Saturday was refreshing and a gift that I will carry with me in my days!  So ladies, I would be remiss if I didn’t say this; “heres yet another toast to “Post” for bringing us all together and teaching us the only way to truly eat eggs and drink chardonnay!”

Until our paths cross again thank you Karen, Linda, Pam, Nancy, Joy, Debbie, Patty and Linda O for a fabulous day!


Melissa, it was so fabulous to meet you too at the Post Eggs & Chardoney brunch! It was a special day in honor of a most special friend, but I think the biggest gift of all was that she brought us all together to share and enjoy a few hours of friendship between us. Pinky promise to see you next year – same time, same place. Thanks for making the trip up from Sarasota. It was the icing on the cake to have you with us! Cheers, Nancy

Hi Nancy! I hope you are well! For some reason it seems as if you did not get my reply way back when? I hope we can all get together again! It was priceless meeting you all! Say hello to Karen for me! Grateful, Melissa

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