If you have never heard of or seen the book “ANYWAY” by Kent M. Keith look it up! It has been a resource for me through the last 5 years of my life. “Finding Personal meaning in a Crazy World.” My thoughts, my actions mirror these “Paradoxical Commandments.”

One commandment I will use today; “Honesty and Frankness make you vulnerable. Be Honest and Frank Anyway.”

My husband Mark died! Rather yet was killed by a Red Light Runner.

What am I supposed to do with that being 9 months pregnant at the time! Blame society or maybe the motorist who caused this horrific crash that also almost took the life of my brother, too? Am I supposed to raise my daughter to be angry, judgmental and hateful? To let her think that the world is a dark place! Am I supposed to throw away the beautiful love that my husband and I shared because he is no longer a part of our physical life? Am I supposed to raise my daughter thinking that when something happens in our life we are being victimized, we should crawl in a corner and give up on life and blame someone else for our “sorrowful” and pitiful tragedy! YUCK! That is what I say! That would mean my daughter and I were POWERLESS, FEARFUL AND SAD!

From day one I chose love! I chose to accept this heartache! To nurture it, and deal with it in a way where my daughter and I would become a part of the solution instead of a part of the problem.

I mean no disrespect to those that loudly criticize RED LIGHT SAFETY CAMERAS. Everyone has their own opinions but to me it sounds like they are just coming from a place of fear! “They” talk about these cameras being intrusive, unconstitutional and infringing upon our privacy?

Red light Running is a serious problem. It came crashing into my home uninvited. Where is my privacy? Did my daughter not have a right to have her father? Was it a privilege for my husband to get to know his daughter or his right? Why am I not whining that it is society’s problem?

Red light running kills maims and seriously injures! We have technology available to CURB this behavior along with our law enforcement and proper timing of the lights! We as a society have generated this technology “buzz” we can not be respectful, patient or stop multi-tasking in our loaded weapons! We are killing each other! We have brought this on ourselves! You may say that this is dramatic but these are simple facts! Just STOP! Red Light Safety Cameras Save lives!

What a privilege it would be to hear my husbands voice once again and to see my daughter and he embrace really is my right! But that is not ever going to happen in this life-time! But what I can do, what is my privilege is to continue encouraging motorist to pay attention. To be mindful that red light running kills and can have a lasting heartache on all those involved. It is my privilege to wake up every new day and want to make the world a safer place for my 7 year old little girl that has never once in her life time whined about not having her daddy take her to yet another daddy/daughter event! She has never cried “poor me.” What she has done is to encourage me to give accolades to those motorist who are STOPPING on Red!

A combination of our voice, our heroic law enforcement and Red light Safety cameras save lives! That is as plain, simple and as common sense as I can get!

We all have our own beliefs and I am not asking anyone to embrace mine. Let go of your fear over Red Light Safety Cameras. If you are not running a red light then what is the problem? If you are one that runs red lights maybe this is what you need to remind you to slow down and STOP ON RED. I do not think for a moment that people set out daily to run red lights. I do however believe that multi-tasking in our vehicles along with speeding because one is late has led to destruction and heartache at our intersections.
Driving is a privilege and not a right! There is no place for Ego when it comes to simple safety facts.

We have enough “loss” in this life without contributing to it on our highways. Please STOP whining and complaining. It is a proven fact and it is my privilege to tell you that RED LIGHT SAFETY CAMERAS SAVE LIVES!



Nice photo on your website header. I do stop, and it’s awful what happened to your family. We had a psycho driver who caused a major collision in North Phoenix this weekend. (four vehicles, many injuries including a fatality)

The problem with believing a camera will “prevent” such accidents is this mad man blew thru other intersections, on news report had a witness saying he blew through Cactus and Scottsdale Rd intersection, which DOES have a red light camera.

I don’t mean to be insensitive to you, but the prior red light camera did not stop this idiot. A real cop sitting at the intersection may have however. Until cameras can hop of the pole and stop a person I don’t see how they save lives. Further more I have a problem with some of the companies changing the times to CREATE more unsafe intersections hoping to “score” more violations.

Cameras only record the crime that is occurring, and the crazed offenders don’t care.

Hi Adam! I am sorry for the tardy response! I am very new at blogging!

You are absolutely right! There are motorists out there who do not care that a camera is present! They will still “blow right”thru the light. I have even heard such comments as “if you do not want to be caught running a red light at “X “intersection then go over to “Y” intersection there are no cameras there? WHAT!
In dealing with the human mind…we will never be able to STOP everyone from running a red light but I do believe that Red light Safety Cameras do re-educate (some) motorists on how to Stop on Red again. But I do not think we should rely on photo enforcement alone. I believe that law enforcement, Photo enforcement, advocates and driver education programs will collectively be a part of the bigger picture and save lives.

Thank you so much for your comment! I think that everyone has a right to their own opinion and I am never going to ask people to accepte mine as theirs. My husband was killed and if there are 5 ways to “prevent” and “curb” behaviors (collectively) then I am on “board” as long as it is taking part in saving lives.

I really appreciate your insight and I thank you for your “gentle” and common sense approach to your opinion. I really am grateful!

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