IMG_0046Two weeks ago we ventured into NYC for Madisyn’s very first Broadway Audition. We knew going in that it would be a great experience but the chance of her getting the part was “slight.”
It was the learning experience we were truly after.
I am so proud of her for going into the weekend with a great attitude. Of course she wanted the part- but she is young and new to this whole arena and has much yet to experience.
Day of the audition she would walk in and out of the “holding” room where we would meet after each one of her try-outs. I walked in and out of that “holding” room with great pride for all of the children that were eagerly hoping for a chance to be on Broadway.
Looking around the room it could be anyone’s moment. As the day was coming to an end Madisyn was still up for consideration.
I could start to see and feel the anticipation on her young face. It takes a lot for these kids to embrace these emotions and know you could be the next one cut.

I ventured back out of the “holding room” and into the hallway where I had a private moment. I wanted Mark to be with us. I asked him loudly to present a heart IF he was in fact watching this all on-fold with Madisyn.
I asked him to help her to be happy and content no matter the outcome. Within seconds of asking…I received – as I walked back into the “holding room” I stepped over this heart- surely it had to be there all day? Or was it? I walked in and out that door a dozen times! I gratefully thanked him and knew within a moment that he was with us- he sent a tangible gift as a sign of his never ending “my heart is always with you Melis, just remember that.”
Honestly – I was STUNNED!!! Emotionally grateful as I stepped into that room for what would be one last time.
I heard my name being called; I was one of the parents that were taken into a separate room. I walked back out that door gently stepping over the Heart that I was privy to receive. We were called into the room to be told that our children were no longer needed that day – they were cut and would no longer be considered for this role.
No matter how or what you know going into an audition you are still disappointed because you know that your child will be sad that this is where they are no longer “needed.” It is hard because none of us like to see the disappointment on our child’s beautiful face. But I was ready to go to her because I knew I was not alone in sharing this news with her.
She was disappointed but grateful for this opportunity- she said that this audition and many others that she will encounter will help her prepare for the role that she will someday “get” when that “role” is ready for her. What an amazing gift that child is.
I share this always so that you continually “open to receive.” Do not close the doors to the infinite possibilities of spirit – the gift you will receive in opening your heart and mind are endless.


What a heartfelt story.. Thank you for always sharing your experiences with everyone. You have impacted so many people with your love????

Thank you Cheryl Angus! You keep your beautiful signs coming too! Share them whenever you have the chance! You have had many signs that your luv is with you always! Missing you and looking forward to catching up on a phone call. (for now):)

Great story Melissa. I thoroughly enjoy reading your post on Facebook and seeing your heart pictures. Mark is obviously looking over you and your beautiful daughter.

Thank you Randy! Every time I see your posts or hear from you I “see” your mom! She was such a lovely woman – always a warm embrace and her smile lit up a room. I know that she is with you always!
Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Grateful always, Melissa

Please tell that sweet girl how proud I am of her and give her a giant hug. She should be so proud of how far she has already gone and all the hard work she has put forth. I confident I will be seeing her name in lights one day!! Look forward to seeing you both soon! Enjoy the summer!

Thank you so much for reading our blog Karol! You are lovely and we are looking so forward to Madisyns 5th grade year with you:) I will give her a big hug from you and a giant one in return to you from both of us! Enjoy your summer days:)

So lovely, Melissa! I know Mark is forever in your hearts and he shows you all of the time! What an amazing gift! Madisyn don’t ever give up on your dreams!
Love you guys <3

Thank you so much for sharing your journey thru life with us and for the wonderful not only mother but person you are. Madisyn is so lucky to have you to have opened up that world to her. I will NEVER forget that night I was walking into Target I never knew Mark yet thru you he came to me when I too needed him.
Miss you my friend.

Gayle – Thank you! I am so appreciative of you and look forward to our paths crossing soon! I miss you, too and I am grateful that Mark helped you as well. I believe he was needed in a much bigger way = this is the only way I can even begin to make sense out of any of this! Please keep me posted on YOU! Private message me, call me – I am here!

It was supposed to be a heart not question marks after beautiful Melissa, not sure why it did that. Think of you often!

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