Madisyn is a little girl with a big heart. I am amazed every day with her giving spirit… but then she is her Daddy through and through!

Madisyn Grace lost her father 2 weeks before she was born. She feels her Daddy is with her like a guardian angel and she wants other children to know that when they feel lonely, have bad dreams, experience trauma or face personal challenges they can remember that they are loved.

Madisyn’s mission has lead the Mark Wandall Foundation to partner with® is an innovative toy company that offers children and parents an easy avenue to playfully develop and maintain intimate connection through nurturing conversation. They believe and we strongly agree, that it is through meaningful conversation that we grow more self-esteem, more self-confidence and more hope for ourselves and our world.

There are 8 different characters to choose from. Every toy has a magical star-covered pocket in which to tuck feeling-wishes. Included with each toy is a special wish from Mark’s beloved daughter, Madison Grace, and the Feeling-Wish game to play with your child.

When you purchase a toy through a portion of the proceeds will support the Mark Wandall Foundation. In addition the foundation is working with Florida law enforcement to carry these toys in their vehicles to offer children who have been involved in a vehicle collision a sense of comfort. Madisyn’s feeling-wish for those affected is to know that THEY ARE LOVED.


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