Keep The Faith Even When It’s Uncomfortable  1

Faith is a not just a “word” it is a way of life. Faith is “intangible” we can not see it! How do we know whether or not we have it? Faith is in your heart; you can only feel it, embrace it and live it. To have Faith is to believe.

There will be circumstances in our life where faith is all we have.  We rely on a “higher power” that we will get through our most challenging circumstances and that there will be guidance, love and strength to see us through.

When my husband died and my daughter was born, the only “thing” I relied on was my faith.  I did not want to have a child without my husband? The night I went into labor I prayed that it was not time?  Was I ready?  Could I really do this on my own?  What kind of a single parent would I be?  I wanted her to have everything in this life?  How could I do this alone?

I had to have Faith.  Faith that I had the ability to love, guide and treasure her through our most challenging days. Faith that I could solely make decisions on her behalf.  Faith that we would be okay and that this little girl would grow to have authentic love, self-assurance, respect for herself as well as others and that she will know faith.

 One day while glancing through a store feeling a little empty (uncomfortable) and searching for “my” faith I could not believe what was in front of me:  FAITH it read? What? There in front of me was a  picture of an Iceberg and underneath that beautiful vast  piece of nature was the description o”Faith- that which we can not see.”

 Faith is all I had to see me through my most challenging times and faith is what I live by today.  It has been a priority in my life and any time I have an “uncomfortable” feeling I glance at the picture of the Iceberg and I see nothing less than vast beauty and a “belief” that I will be the best parent that I can be to our daughter. I will not fear what the Universe gives us but with Faith will embrace our challenges head on with love, strength and clarity.

 *Are you feeling uncomfortable?  Are you lacking “faith?” Take this picture and put it in a place where you can look at it when your uncomfortable time is present.

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