Having No Regrets  0

It seems that we are so busy in our lives that at times we forget about the real important times. We do not mean to do that…our lives are so packed with our children, parents, friends, extended family and business relationships! We are always building, striving and trying to find a way to “make it.  ”Sometimes we lose sight of what is really important. It is hard to “come back” to ourselves and meet our own needs.

We seem to always make promises to ourselves; “tomorrow I will spend more time with my kids, next weekend my spouse and I will reconnect on that dinner date, next month I will take my parents to breakfast.” Somehow, unintentionally tomorrow turns into two months!  Life is short but it can be long, too. What is important to us now will not be important (after) without a moments notice these beautiful people that we wanted to connect with are no longer her to “bond” with.  What are we left with then? A regret!

I feel very fortunate that my “regret” is very small. When we became pregnant with our daughter I made a promise that I would not be caught in a “pregnancy picture!” I know? I do not know what I was thinking at that time? I did not want to have to revisit my larger body down the road. Now, do not get me wrong I LOVED being pregnant for the end result but did not LOVE the sickness, weight gain and ankle swelling that came with my pregnancy (I am sure many can relate).

Now, looking back I have a regret that my self-consciousness over being pregnant has left me “empty handed” in my husbands untimely death.  To remember that time of course is in my heart but to be able to show my daughter her daddy’s hands around her mommy’s protruding belly would be a gift to her.

Do not have any regrets. Live your life one moment at a time. Experience, play and eat a piece of chocolate cake!  Share your story with me!  Do not have any regrets! Be spontaneous! Instead of tomorrow, next weekend or next month make life happen today,  It may seem like an inconvenience for a moment but the memory will last a life time!

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