GOT SPARK? On being a Widow!  0

We are all great “troopers” in this game called life! We have been given a calling that maybe we would rather turn away from. We are Widows; or as I choose to call us Wise, Independent, Devoted, Optimistic, Warriors. Even though we all have our own “part” to perform in life we all play a VITAL role in life. Today may you know that you are not alone.  May you feel peace and comfort from those that surround you. You have a gift – it does not have to be saving the world – that gift is simply being able to move through the toughest moments we have all been presented since life switched gears. Today know that each one of you has made a difference in someone’s life.    Newbies and seasoned Widows alike inspire me daily to forge ahead on this bumpy, interesting, hurtful, sometimes ugly yet always beautiful life. I choose to bathe in the love and not the loss. I choose to remember that I am not alone, resources are plenty and someone else has already and will eventually walk in my grief –laden shoes.  I choose to take my “Spark” that we all encompass and share what I know in hopes of helping those along the journey; especially the ones that so gently and lovingly have been there for me. We are all on a journey to PERFORM, CONNECT AND GROW! We all have that “SPARK” that FLAME deep inside our SOUL that is just waiting for us to NURTURE…it wants to be born! If a good wholesome FLAME is IGNITED it will grow, be nurtured by many and make a positive change in ones life. That FLAME is your POWER and your POWER can heal and give hope if you believe in yourself. YOU who make a difference! Go Forth, IGNITE YOUR SPARK…touch a life! You may never know whom you may empower to make a difference in their own life. Our shared SPARK will fuel our collective energy to offer boundless drive, steadfast support and authentic love.  As Wise, Independent, Devoted, Optimistic Warriors we will demonstrate hope in action!   This Post was originally posted in – Check out the great blog sites for WIDOWS!

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