For Today

Today I am blessed to know that I am a “spirit having a human being experience.”

Today I am free to let my voice be heard, freedom to express that I need support, comfort and love.

Today I acknowledge that I am loved; Loved in spirit, in life, in self.

Today I heard news that “made” me breathe a gentle sigh of relief for yet another day.

Today I am alive, breathing and living in an abundant land where resources are plenty.

Today I express my gratitude for the strength that my God has given me; the strength to carry on, to move with each gentle sacrifice and gift alike.

Today I believe that there will be great days, okay days and good days to come.

Today I feel the love, care and embrace from those I do not know but care.

Today I walk my dogs, hear the birds whistle and allow myself to be embraced by the earth and all its wonderment.

Today I move through another moment.

Today I know faith. Faith is the bottom of the iceberg –that which one can not see! Faith to know there is more, there is purpose and there is life to be lived for yet another day.

Today I am grateful for the tiny hand that is nestled deep inside mine as I pick her up from school. In her eyes I see love, Protection and sheer strength in those eyes that mirror her daddy’s.

Today I recognize that “God does not give one more than you can handle” and God has blessed me with a child that will heal, bring hope and instill love in those who are seeking. I embrace this gift in our love child and I know that I am not alone.

Today I know that life is precious and that it can all go away in the blink of an eye but for today I shall cherish, love and give of myself so that someone else can experience the hope, encouragement and empowerment that I have been given.

Today I respect that life and love go hand in hand. If everything that you do is expressed with love (no matter what you are given) then pure love is what one will get back.

Today I have the fortitude to know that pure love will never let you down it is ever present in each one of our lives! We just have to “feel” and like a breath of fresh air you lay back close your eyes and welcome the breeze on your face.

Today I embrace that I have been blessed with tolerance, strength and clarity!

Today I shall not say I wish I could help….today I shall go towards those who feel powerless, secluded and baffled by life and I shall share my strength.

Melissa W Wandall

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