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IMG_1428-marker 4 blogSarasota Red-Light Safety Camera Footage Leads to Surrender of Fatal Hit-and-Run Suspect

According to this June 12 report from First Coast News:

Malik Clyburn bonded out of the Sarasota County jail. He stared straight ahead despite a barrage of questions from reporters.

Why did he turn himself in? Sarasota Police Detective Kevin Schafer said, “After he saw the video we put out to you guys and you shared he said that’s when he knew he couldn’t live with himself.”

The red light camera video showing Clyburn’s 2012 gray Kia Optima striking the man in the wheelchair. The accident happened around 8:45 p.m. Tuesday at the intersection of U.S. 301 and 17th Street.

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No Matter how you look at this article it is a very sad and sensitive subject. This person made a devastating decision that will be with him for the rest of his life. This crash was not his fault BUT because he left the scene of an accident where a fatality occured he will now face felony charges.   He is young and had his whole life ahead of him. He is really going to need support to figure out how to maneuver this decision that will affect him for the rest of his life.


The Red light safety Camera Law in Florida, otherwise known as The Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act was established in 2010 to illustrate the solution to Red Light running and help to curb and combat this deadly behavior that is taking the life of our most precious loved ones. Contrary to the critics these cameras are doing what they were designed to do. They are saving lives and preventing negligent crashes.

This article is obvious and points out how effective these camera systems are in relation to helping law enforcement combat crime as well.

A note from ATS:
“American Traffic Solutions (ATS) is pleased that video evidence from one of its
red-light safety cameras assisted the Sarasota Police Department in their investigation of this tragic fatal collision. Authorities say the quick sharing of the video from ATS with the police, the media and the public proved to be a contributing factor in the suspect’s decision to come forward. ATS offers its condolences to all family members touched by this tragedy.

Since July 2010, Florida law enforcement agencies have requested red-light safety camera video from ATS on more than 8,000 occasions as part of official investigations ranging from hit-and-runs and kidnapping, to murder and sexual assault.”


This article does a great job of letting the public know that in no way did this young man run a red light. Just because the video footage was captured does not mean that this individual would receive a red light running violation. In fact the spokesperson for the Sarasota Police department says, “”The light turned yellow which we saw in the video. He did not run the red light or commit any traffic infraction,” said Schafer. I point this out because numerous times the critics believe that the cameras systems are a scam and that people are being ticketed for going on yellow. ” A money grabber, they say.” You will only get a ticket if your front tires go over the white line on red! This means you are blatantly ignoring a safety law that could result in death.

I personally believe that people need a reality check. Unfortunately we have proved as a society that we no longer know how to STOP ON RED. We need technology to provide us “training” so that lives can be saved! We live in a reckless and righteous society where risky behavior is occuring and people are paying the ultimate price.  People are  actually blaming a system for  “invading their privacy.”  We live in this society where people actually believe that negativity, anger and yelling loudly about their rights WILL MAKE A DIFFERENCE.

My husband died at the hands of a negligent red light runner. He is not coming home! He will never be a father to my daughter and we will never know the beautiful life as a family we “could” of had. Instead of being angry, yelling loudly or spewing negativity towards people I made the decision to take action in hopes of preventing this type of negligent behavior that resulted in death for our family. With conviction, compassion and common sense I WANTED TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

Law enforcement, Education and Red Light Safety Cameras take part in saving lives and preventing deep heartache, they illustrate a step towards curbing this deadly behavior.  As motorists we have a responsibility to obey traffic safety laws so that we can keep each other safe. Technology is here to stay as long as we, as a society continue to grossly neglect that responsibility.


10/24/13 An Honored Love Lives on  2

IMG_2633- always my support IMG_2629-the great love IMG_2628-A kiss IMG_2627- take the cake       Today marks 10 years that you were taken so suddenly. It is unimaginable that I have walked these last 10 years without your physical presence. Your love changed my life and I live my life in gratitude (in part) because of it. I fell in love with your pure heart! When your love entered my life it became a huge part of who I am today. No time, space or distance will ever lessen my deep love for you. Our attachment to one another is still on a deep level- just in another way. My belief is that once you have loved someone- you don’t just stop. Your love will run through my veins for the rest of my life.

I am much less since you were taken in a tragic and preventable car crash yet I am much more because of who you were and how you loved me in this life and the magnitude of love that you have surrounded me with in your Death.

There will never be a day in my life where I will not mourn your absence.
You taught me to visualize, believe and achieve!
You taught me there is nothing in this life I cannot accomplish (if I believe in it) and that you would always support me! You showed me this in life and you have showed me this in spirit.

I thought that losing you in a moment was hard.
Raising our daughter without you is excruciating.
She needs your love, understanding and advice.
There is a slight emptiness about her that I cannot begin to satisfy.
“They” say that what you’ve never experienced you could never miss.
That is not true when it comes to the value of the human soul! I believe you are the “slight emptiness” in our daughter’s life.

When we married we promised to love, serve and protect each other well.
When you passed that night at that intersection I was able to come say goodbye. Once again I promised you I would love, serve and protect our family well and that I would make sure our daughter would be born into love and light, not tragedy or negativity. My promise to both you and our daughter is ever present in our lives today.
I do not believe that a vow dies when one spouse has to physically live on this earth without the other.
I believe that love goes on just in a different form; I have vowed to show our daughter just this.

I will always honor your memory through THE MARK WANDALL FOUNDATION ( I will educate and raise awareness regarding traffic safety and compliance through the NATIONAL COALITION FOR SAFER ROADS.( I will always make sure that the Mark Wandall traffic safety act is protected! “Those” that do not believe cannot stop me! Your love is much bigger than any of the negativity that people throw at me. I will continue to inspire and educate people on the value of life insurance and that LIFE INSURANCE TRULY EQUALS LIFE ASSURANCE! You were a gift to the financial industry! You “practiced what you preached.” You are a legacy in the Industry that you loved so much.

Through all of our causes I will show Madisyn Grace how great her father was in this life! I will show her what love truly is and never to accept anything less than the love that her father and her mother shared!

Love is a gift to be never taken for granted.
Our love together was not long enough and in fact it was way too short
but I will take that love and be grateful for it because most are never privy to experience a love like ours in a lifetime.

Your loss was my greatest fear in this life.
I miss you. I love you in so many ways! I am completely shattered and lost without you but I have truly been “Marked by Grace.” If that is the gift that I am given in this lifetime then I will take it, be grateful for it and share it always.
Continue to guide and support me. Help me to never lose faith, to always be on the side of hope and forever surround me with Grace.
May your gracious love always be present! I will forever be grateful for your life, your love and the resiliency to keep moving through each and every moment without you.

Today I celebrate you my love and the gift of love you so profoundly bestowed on my heart.

*There was never a moment in our lives where we were not laughing, loving or taking care of each other!
The pictures included in this blog are a grand, simple example of this.

One Gift to a family LOVED..  0

……One Selfless decision; One life Insurance Policy.

My life has evolved in a way that I would never have anticipated. My husband Mark, the writing Agent on our policy had his families “back.” He truly afforded us the opportunity to not only SURVIVE in life but gave us the true ability to THRIVE!

September is National LIfe Insurance Awareness month and I can not let my voice be heard enough! I wanted to make sure that I was a part of the great “Life Insurance Movement” that is taking place today!
One must understand the vital role that Life Insurance has in family planning.  Life Insurance has allowed me to propel my missions into action. It has allowed me to keep the promise to my husband and my daughter that I would “love, serve and protect my family well.”

One must also understand that Life Insurance is NOT about a monthly or yearly payment! It is just simply:

My daughter and I are living examples that life insurance matters. We were able to go way beyond staying in our own home and protecting our daughters future. Our life insurance has lead to advocacy, philanthropy and a life -saving bill.

My gratitude is in being a part of the great ‘Life Insurance movement” today!

My hope is that our story will inspire action and that if you have not considered life insurance or put it on the back burner that you will consider it today! Great love and life has emerged in my husbands untimely passing.  I could write about Life Insurance all day but the following 4 minute video says it all! Please take these few moments to view the link below.

My deepest gratitude to State Farm for this beautiful follow up presentation.

Life Insurance: A Promise for Tomorrow

Back to School Safety  0

As we are ending our second week of school all is well at our home. Busy as always with figuring out new schedule, new rules, new bedtime and wake up, meeting new friends as well as the catching up with the best and old ones.

We are always concerned about our children in school but we need to be mindful about how they get to and from school safely. Some of us are car riders, bus riders, walkers and bicyclist.

Most of you know me as a “staunch” safety advocate! I get some really good tips from time to time that I will want to share with you all!

Please take the time to read these great safety tips! Please read them with your children! Do not be afraid to share with them. There are a lot of people out there who are in a hurry and not paying attention to our children and their safety!  Life is a “gentle” balance and our children need to be aware and know that they can take part in keeping themselves as safe as possible.

The National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR) is a great coalition ( I have worked with them on some great Public Service announcements! Please take the time to read! When I receive these great safety tips they remind me to stay 100% focused when I am driving (my loaded weapon!) We have to stick together! Knowledge is Power! Together we can make a difference and put safety back on our highways!

Back to School Red Light Safety Tips for Millions of Pedestrians, Cyclists and Motorists

Powerful testimonials highlight the dangers of red-light running

WASHINGTON, D.C. — As millions of students nationwide head back to school, the National Coalition for Safer Roads (NCSR) is calling special attention to red light safety for motorists, pedestrians and cyclists.

No matter how they get to and from school — cars, buses, bikes, or simply walking — NCSR is striving to educate parents and students about the importance of staying safe by being vigilant about their surroundings.

“As many parents focus on back to school supplies, it is essential that they take the time to talk with their children who are either heading to school for the first time, or back to school, about traffic and road safety precautions to ensure a safe commute,” said David Kelly, president and executive director of NCSR, and former acting administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). “The greatest risk for children is when they are walking to school or waiting for the bus, when they are at-risk for falling victim to careless red-light runners.”

Since 2000, 130 school-age pedestrians (younger than 19) have died in school transportation-related crashes with 56 (43 percent) between the ages of 5 and 7 (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Red-light running is the leading cause of urban crashes, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). In 2009, 676 people were killed and an estimated 113,000 were injured in crashes that involved red-light running, with pedestrians, bicyclists and occupants in vehicles that are hit by the red-light runners accounting for about half of the deaths.

To highlight the importance of back to school road safety, NCSR is reminding adults and children about important Red Light Safety Tips:

  • ALWAYS Stop on Red!

Whether it’s a red light, stop sign, pedestrian crosswalk signal, or school bus signal — ALWAYS STOP ON RED!

  • Be Alert

Drivers: Be aware of children walking to and from bus stops, as they might not be paying attention to you and could dart into the road.

Pedestrians: ALWAYS stop, look and listen before crossing an intersection — even if the pedestrian signal shows the walking figure.

Cyclists: ALWAYS wear a helmet and be aware of the around traffic you. Be cautious and share the roadway.

  • Never Rush

Drivers: Obey posted speed limits and NEVER try to beat a light to save a few seconds. No family should have to suffer the loss of a loved one because of someone’s desire to beat a light.

Pedestrians: Try to arrive to your bus stop early and map out your route ahead of time so you are never rushing to catch the bus. Always wait at least 6 feet from the curb and don’t approach the bus until it comes to a complete stop.

Cyclists: Plan your route ahead of time so you are never rushing. Use designated cycling lanes when possible and be sure to share the roadway.

  • Avoid Distractions

Drivers: Reduce any distractions inside your car so you can concentrate on the road and your surroundings. NEVER talk on your cell phone or text while driving!

Pedestrians and Cyclists: Listening to music, talking or texting on cell phones as you walk or ride your bike are deadly distractions that leave you unaware of your surroundings. Keep devices off and your eyes and ears open. Stay alert and aware of your surroundings.

“There are too many close calls with careless drivers at intersections. We’re promoting back to school road safety and red light safety to help protect our children, our families and our communities from the callous and dangerous behavior of red-light runners,” Kelly said. “By using innovative technologies such as red light safety cameras at dangerous intersections across the country, we can put an end to deadly red-light running. Together, we can protect our communities, families and children by always stopping on red.”

To further highlight the dangers of red-light running, NCSR has released a series of powerful testimonials and PSAs on the dangers of red-light running. In 2004, Amanda DeVine was driving home from school when a dump-truck driver ran a red light and broadsided her SUV. DeVine suffered a severe traumatic brain injury, lost her spleen and almost lost a kidney. View Amanda’s story.

Other important back to school safety tips from NHTSA and the Department of Transportation can be found by visiting

NCSR is a nonprofit advocacy organization that brings together industry leaders, community leaders and concerned citizens in support of red light safety camera technology. Coalition members include the National Safety Council, Child Safety Network, National Organizations for Youth Safety, America Walks and Red Means Stop. For more information, visit, follow @SaferRoadsUSA on Twitter and on Facebook at

Contact for more information & interview requests:                                                                                                                  Andrea Fischer at or 202-544-4781


Life will always happen and will always be in motion; this we can always be sure of.We can not CONTROL people; what they believe in, the choices they make or how they “handle” situations. But what we can CONTROL is how we react. When ego takes over, they take their agendas (not ours) and run with it. Place themselves’ politically to be in a position where they can force other “members” to vote there way.

Have they forgotten why they are elected by US in the first place? Of course they have. They feel powerful, dominant and their egotistical ways are present. I really feel sorry for them because their need for approval, to be “noticed,” to be feared is greater than doing the right thing for the people; for our families’ health, wealth and safety.

The Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act was a horrific example of this. The House of Representatives voted Monday May 2, 2011 to repeal this bill. This act gives our communities the approval to install Red Light Safety Cameras at intersections where our multi-tasking motorists are running red lights and risking our health, wealth and safety! The vote was 59 for the law and 57 against this law. “Leadership” wants these cameras down!!!! We have a right to be safe on our highways! Why is leadership trying to take our rights away?

Remember, we can not control people, what they believe in or the choices that they make even if we voted them in to “SERVE US,” the people. What we can CONTROL is how we react to it.

A quote from Dr. Bernie S. Siegel; “Unlike the atom being altered by a scientist we have a choice what to add to our personal universe. Choose Wisely.”
We need to know who we are voting in to these positions. We have the power; not them. We the people can protect the vitality of our state and our families’ health, wealth and safety!

*With all that being said lets thank the half who are making the right choices for our state! Let them know that we appreciate their time, talent and service. That we are grateful of their representation of our families health, wealth and safety.

If you have a moment, please call or email the following Representatives and just say Thank you!
vote our legislatures in to represent us; the people. To protect, serve and care for our families’ health, wealth and safety. That is why they are called representatives. Once they go to the Capitol half of them forget why they were elected by us in the first place. This “half” feels that they now have the power to do what is best for “me, myself and I!”

All of the Representatives who VOTED NO to repeal the Mark Wandall Traffic Safety Act:

Roberson, K.
Thompson, G.
Van Zant
Williams, A.
Williams, T.