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“Snip-its” of a Grateful Love  4

Grateful for the true love of a beautiful man; Grateful for the sweet moments he held my hand. Grateful for the experience to be loved so pure and grateful for the moments we would just “pull” each other through. Grateful no words were needed to fill any space for silence just deepened the true love we had embraced.

Grateful to know we had each other’s backs in openly discussing our life and our path.  Softly weeping as we discussed our fear of one day losing the other seemed more than we could bear.  It was truth, honesty and obligation that set in since any day now our journey, as parents would joyfully begin.

Grateful no matter the circumstance our promise to evoke love, instill truth and pure compassion in our child was now steadfast and secure.

Grateful for the heart to heart shared by both, less than 72 hours later I was suddenly left alone.

Free Will exists and without a moments notice my lifetime love was heartbreakingly taken away.


Grateful for the moment to say good-bye to promise my beloved I would accept this life; I would survive.

Grateful to embrace right at that moment the deep love that was shared and not the deep loss that was ever present.

Grateful for our love child Madisyn Grace who would show me life in this new found space.

Grateful to have been loved by a man so wise, bold, beautiful and forever mine.

Grateful to advocate on his behalf to honor, serve and love our treasured little family, as we go down this life-altering path.


October 19, 2012 -Happy 10th Anniversary my Luv.


My Luv,

October 19, 2012 would have marked 10 years as husband and wife.  I have now been without you longer than I was ever with you. You taught me in life to trust, defend and stand solid for what I believe.  To never let another’s words, hatred or negative energy affect my life.  Job well done my luv; you always had my back and I yours. You may not be with us physically but your love and life remain sturdy on the physical plane healing, educating, encouraging and empowering others through all of our causes.  You were gifted to me for a short time. It was not long enough but I am grateful to have experienced a love so true that has guided, championed and with life’s twists and turns, simply walked me through.


Happy Anniversary Mark! You are loved, valued and appreciated just as much in your passing as in life. Thank you for loving me. I am truly living a life in gratitude.

Loving you from a far yet so close, Melis




One Gift to a family LOVED..  0

……One Selfless decision; One life Insurance Policy.

My life has evolved in a way that I would never have anticipated. My husband Mark, the writing Agent on our policy had his families “back.” He truly afforded us the opportunity to not only SURVIVE in life but gave us the true ability to THRIVE!

September is National LIfe Insurance Awareness month and I can not let my voice be heard enough! I wanted to make sure that I was a part of the great “Life Insurance Movement” that is taking place today!
One must understand the vital role that Life Insurance has in family planning.  Life Insurance has allowed me to propel my missions into action. It has allowed me to keep the promise to my husband and my daughter that I would “love, serve and protect my family well.”

One must also understand that Life Insurance is NOT about a monthly or yearly payment! It is just simply:

My daughter and I are living examples that life insurance matters. We were able to go way beyond staying in our own home and protecting our daughters future. Our life insurance has lead to advocacy, philanthropy and a life -saving bill.

My gratitude is in being a part of the great ‘Life Insurance movement” today!

My hope is that our story will inspire action and that if you have not considered life insurance or put it on the back burner that you will consider it today! Great love and life has emerged in my husbands untimely passing.  I could write about Life Insurance all day but the following 4 minute video says it all! Please take these few moments to view the link below.

My deepest gratitude to State Farm for this beautiful follow up presentation.

Life Insurance: A Promise for Tomorrow


We can not choose every moment of our journey but we can choose, in the moment, how we react to it….