Can Love Be Greater Than Loss  0

By Melissa Wandall

I have and still hold in my heart what some may not be fortunate enough to experience in there life time. I have love. My husband loved me and I loved him like there was no tomorrow. We took each day and embraced our life. We took the bumps, battles and bruises of life but we took them together. We were M&M, fortunate to find one another’s hearts and to share our dreams, fears and future endeavors.
Life energized us to experience, savor and tackle whatever may come our way. Our hearts truly became as one.
We believed in venturing out on our own to spend time with our friends but our hearts always remained connected. Whether he was across the room or across the ocean I could always feel his heart and know that even though we were individuals our hearts would always beat as one!

The night that a piece of my existence went out to dinner without me (at my insistence) is the night that I will never forget.
It is the night that our love would be redefined. The love of my life was taken instantly by a careless driver, physically gone from this life.
It was now up to me to take the bumps, battles and bruises alone. The one that I needed the most to get me through this was now gone.
My heart felt like it had been shattered and would never be whole again.

I had to immediately “pull up my boot straps” and hold on to this great love not the great loss. I was not going to let this “tragedy” destroy the love shared by Mark and me. I was blessed and I was loved. It was supposed to be for a life-time but how do we define what a “life-time” is?
One week prior to Marks Crash was our one year anniversary. I remember standing in our bathroom mirror getting ready to go to our baby shower. Mark said “Luv I want to give you your anniversary gift.” From the mirror I watched as he placed a heart necklace on my neck. It was beautiful and I cried. He said, “My heart will always be with you, never forget that.” (He also wrote those words in my anniversary card.)

The moment I found out that Marks physical life ended I touched that heart on my neck and I heard him say “My heart is always with you , never forget that.” I felt the connection from miles away.

We can choose to end the connection or we can choose to keep it going. Love never dies, it never breaks promises and it is always hopeful.
I wear this necklace every day. It brings me peace and it gently reminds me of the great gift in Mark that I was privy to experience in my lifetime.
Our love is greater than our loss. His heart, love and life will grow with me always. Our love has brought philanthropy, advocacy and awareness on so many levels because I chose to concentrate on love and not loss.
Life and love go “hand in hand.” My hope is that if you are seeking today know that healing takes place when love becomes greater than the loss.

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