A “light” to love- Congratulations my Madisyn  1

IMG_2852In the midst of my beautiful journey heartache hit me with vengeance. No one is exempt. Taken in less than an instant; my one true love. Mark I will miss you for the rest of my life but I am in gratitude for the gift that we were so privy to create.
Yet in the midst of this horrific pain came light. A very bright light, our little ball of fire was born just 19 days later, thank you Madisyn Grace.
She is the bright light than entered my life and motivates me on a daily basis. She would not tell you this but she is beautiful, gifted, kind, funny as hell, stubborn as a Jack Ass at times, has a pure heart and has a calmness around her that soothes my soul just like her dear daddy did.
Today she will walk down the halls of Braden River Elementary School for the last time! Thank you BRE! We have had the most incredible staff take care of “our girl” as she is known by so many. They have loved her and I, nurtured us, and been there with us for all of our emotions! We truly would not have made it this far without your love, understanding and support! Thank you seems so boring! We love you all and will carry us with you always in our hearts!
Madisyn is going on to her dream school; the Out of Door Academy! I could not be more proud of her! All of her hard work and accomplishments has lead her to this next phase of her life. I know she will be accepted, nurtured and loved at ODA as well.
This beacon of beauty has filled my soul when it has felt empty. She has broken my heart with her heartaches; she has loved me and forgiven me through all of my single parenting screw-ups. She has laughed with me and loved me completely. How could I ask for more?
To my Madisyn Grace you will accomplish all that you desire. You have spirit, you have spark, and you have greatness running through your veins. Never take yourself too seriously, continue to strive to do your best and always be content and happy with who you are! You have already taught and changed the world by simply holding my hand in this life. I am who I am today because I have simply been loved. As Uncle Joe said the day you were born; Madisyn Grace you are your “daddy’s highest Mark and your Mommy’s Saving Grace.”
Thank you for your love, your light and lifting me up in this life. I will always walk beside you and from the side lines your daddy will always be watching you, you will never be alone and we will always be proud of you!
I love you to your daddy and back! Mamma

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This brought chills to my arms and tears to my eyes. You are such an amazing person. What you have had to go through in life is not fair. I don’t think I could ever do as much as you have with the battles you have been faced with. You really are an amazing person. Just like your beloved husband and now your sweet, intelligent daughter. May God bless you with multiple blessings that you can not contain.

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