Kiddo with GIVING HEART kicks off the 2014 Giving Challenge for The Mark Wandall Foundation!  1

Caden Denslow
Caden Denslow, 10 yrs.


As we approach the Giving Challenge, I would like to thank everyone in advance for your consideration in donating to the Mark Wandall Foundation via the Giving Challenge. Your donation will make a DIRECT IMPACT on the life of a grieving child through our foundations programs.


I also wanted to take this time to tell you about a remarkable young man whom I have come to love and respect immensely. Caden Denslow (10- years old) has a Giving Heart! He is an example that you are never too young to understand a cause, research that cause, discuss the cause with his family and give to that cause knowing that he has the ability to make another’s “load” a little bit “lighter.”


Caden won $25.00 earlier this year. As he began to learn about the mission of the Mark Wandall Foundation, he decided he wanted to contribute his prize money to assist in our mission. When Caden learned of the Giving Challenge he knew right away that he wanted to be a part of it! He discussed this with his parents Star and Kent Denslow and together the family decided to donate at 12noon on May 6th in hopes of growing Cadens prize money.


How has Caden and his parents grown his initial $25.00 donation?

  1. Star and Kent (Cadens parents) agreed to match his $25.00 donation making it $50.00
  2. Cadens Parents work for GE-they agreed to match the family donation increasing the amount to $100.00
  3. The Giving Challenge would then match the donation making that total $150.00 – When Caden learned about Comfort Zone Camp he was very excited; even doing his own research to find out more information. Given his passion, his philanthropic parents had to increase his donation so that he could provide the opportunity for a child to attend camp.
  4. The family donation would now be $175.00.
  5. $175.00 will now be matched by both GE and the Giving Challenge for a total of $525.00


Caden and his family just warm my heart. Cadens’ parents listened to his desire to want to help. His steadfast belief in our mission grew his initial $25.00 donation so that now one grieving child is going to get the opportunity to attend camp. Caden looked outside of himself, he sees the bigger picture, which is an amazing gift for a 10 year old. With his prize money donation he is taking part in providing a community of healing to one of his peers. With his gift he has the opportunity to break the isolation barrier for a child in great need of healing. That is priceless.


Thank you Caden Denslow. You are valued, loved and appreciated!


Cadens story is an example of how you can give, too. Your donation has the opportunity to be doubled and can help us to support and assist grieving children who have lost a family member or guardian.


Through our partnership with Comfort Zone Camp, Children First of Sarasota and our college scholarship program, we trust that we can transform a child’s broken spirit into a beautiful spark hat will light the way to a happy, healthy and optimistic future.

Caden, his giving heart and his compassionate family have given us such a gift. What a great Kick off! Won’t you join us?

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