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Not your Mamma’s Smorez’  1

IMG_2744-smores in jar for blogIMG_2752-Smores w:TopIt has been a while since I have blogged and a very long time since I have blogged a recipe! It is about that time! FIrst, let me tell you what I have been up to!

I have been on the road this last month! Every week I found myself in a different State and on a different airline! I have to say my travels were very “smooth.” I found myself in Philadelphia twice, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona and my last trip took me to DC! I loved every minute of those travels because I was able to do what I love! I am a speaker, spokesperson and the President of the National Coalition for Safer Roads ( My last trip to DC allowed me to utilize my voice to share with the motoring public the most dangerous times to be on our roads. To educate on the value of being Mindful while driving and encourage if we all work together we can achieve a safer day on our highways and in turn save lives!
It turns out that summer is the most dangerous times when motorists are making negligent decisions and beautiful lives are being affected! I know that we can all do better!


WIth the travels behind me and the summer ahead I have been trying to come up with a dessert that I can take to a picnic for a few people that we have coming up! Everyone loves smores but this is an afternoon picnic- no fire here!
SO I decided to make “Smorez in a Jar” as an experiment! What I love about utilizing jars is you can put a top on them, stack them and pack them in ones picnic basket! Easy! And cute!


We love dark chocolate in this family but you can utilize any chocolate to make it work for you!


Building the Smorez: This specific recipe makes 4 Smorez in a Jar

Broil 8 Jet-Puffed S’moreMallows (Rectangle Marshmallows) – set them aside

Simple Graham Cracker Crust!
1 cup of Crushed Graham Crackers
1/3 cup Organic White Sugar in the Raw
4 Tablespoons of melted butter!
I pressed this mixture into a pie pan and baked on 350 for 10 minutes.
I let it cool for at least 15 minutes.

Hersheys Dark Chocolate Instant Pudding mix! YUMM!
Follow directions on package


4 pieces of Chocolate Bar for topper
(A mini Hersheys bar would be great! I used Godiva 70% Dark Chocolate Bar since I already had this in my pantry!)


4 Glass Jars with tops
Crumble the Graham Cracker crust and lay in bottom of jar
Add 1 large tablespoon of Dark Chocolate Pudding
Add 1 toasted Marshmallow
Add another large tablespoon of Dark Chocolate Pudding
Add Graham Cracker Crust over entire pudding mixture
Add 1 toasted Marshmallow and top with a piece of Chocolate!


This recipe can be modified anyway you want to! My daughter loved it! We ended up taking this sample down to watch the sunset! It was a fabulous treat!


Enjoy your kick off to summer! Share great recipes, laughter and love with friends and family alike!
What you can also share is the road! We have way too many fatalities on our highways that are negligent and preventable! The great news is that we all have the power to keep each other safe! We’ve got this!

This recipe goes out to my husband Mark whose life was taken by a red light runner! He would have LOVED this dark chocolate, gooey dessert!


Here’s to a great summer! To happiness, health, great food and nothing less than love!

Enjoy your Smorez in a jar! I know we did!