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We can not choose every moment of our journey but we can choose, in the moment, how we react to it….



I drop to my knees and “sob” not just cry. Thankful sobs. They are just fine! (This time is different than the last.) Today we celebrate my moms 65th birthday. This morning she and my Pops come to pick up my 7 year old (my moms favorite gift) from our home! They leave for breakfast and a day “out.” As I am getting ready for a really good power walk I am stopped in my tracks by the sound of sirens …quite a few of them…and not far from our home. My dogs “howl.” They did this the “LAST” time. Fear rushes through me…I am panicked, scared, I feel as if I am going to be sick. I am back their again! I had just kissed them all good bye and they were happy. “Please no!”….I beg God again…Just like the last time…

I frantically call both my parents’ cell phones…twice…no one answers! “Where are they please pick up?” In the midst of my panic my phone “beeps.” A message from my Pops that my cell phone has called him again….he chuckles…I drop to my knees and sob! Thank you God! Thank you Universe! They are good.

You have to understand I am a very sturdy, strong and wise woman that does not worry every time that “fate” will have its way again! I am very upbeat, spiritual and optimistic! But that crash…the love of my life taken in a moment (me…9 months pregnant) will never go away! It always comes back…it is ever-present and can “rock your soul” in a moment. I am a champion for Safety on our Highways because life can change in less than a minute! I do not want my story to become yours! We can all be leaders and not followers. Please help me to reduce the number of sirens we hear in a day…together we might just save a life!